Welcome to iPhone Unlock Service! This is the real and unique #1 Unlocking Service for iPhones, probably you’ve read this on many websites but when we say it, we mean it!!! On this website you can navigate easily and learn more about our iphone factory unlock serviceservice, with us you get the real Factory Unlock you were looking for your iPhone. Compared to our competitors, our service is premium, this mean it is fast, reliable and yes, our customer support is much better than our competition, you are able to reach us by live chat, customer service messages, direct email, skype and of course by phone. Compared to other unlocking solutions and tools such as jailbreak or any other hack, this service is the only one that’s going to give to your device the permanent unlock you need, 100% legally. If you unlock your iphone unlockiPhone with jailbreak or a tool you can damage your iPhone, if you update or restore the iOS the lock will come again, that’s because the carrier has not released the lock for your device’s IMEI.

Inside the U.S. this process (Factory Unlock) is totally illegal since january 26, 2013. (Read more about this here)

“It’s Time to Legalize Cell Phone Unlocking Petition”

Read the official White House response: click here.

If you live outside of the U.S. or if you have a U.S. iPhone locked to a U.S. carrier but you’re outside of the U.S. you can use our service without problem, outside the U.S. it’s totally legal. For further information about this or any question please contact us.


Why do you have to unlock your iPhone?

The most common reason to unlock your iPhone is to use any SIM card from any carrier in the world, most people unlock their iPhones just to have access to any carrier inside and outside their country. But, that’s just the main reason, here are some other reasons that explain why you have to unlock your iPhone:factory unlock

  • Your iPhone’s price increases, an unlocked device is more expensive than one that’s locked to a single carrier.
  • Your communication has no limits, by using any SIM card you can use your iPhone everywhere, no more uncommunicative situations while traveling.
  • You can use 3G, 4G or LTE (depending on the iPhone model) if you were not able to use it before.
  • You can restore and update the iOS without problem, you won’t lose the unlock because this is factory unlock, the permanent one.

Our iPhone Unlock Service Pricing

iphone factory unlock

In our store , we have installed a Premium EV (Green Bar) SSL certificate, you’re 100% safe when ordering our services.

The price to unlock your iPhone depends absolutely on the iPhone model and the carrier it is locked to. Some carriers unlock devices faster than others. Some carriers need just minutes to unlock your iPhone, other carriers need more than 30 days. What we want to explain and make clear is that you will see a wide range of prices and estimated unlocking time. If the price to unlock your iPhone model with a particular carrier is considerably higher or lower than other iPhone model with a particular carrier it is because each carrier and iPhone model need a unique process to be unlocked.

Do we recommend unlocking your iPhone with Jailbreak?

Jailbreak can unlock devices in 50% of the cases, for some devices it doesn’t work. You’re free to do it but keep in mind that this is completely illegal because it’s not allowed by Apple and your contry law, also the carrier that’s locking your iPhone doesn’t allow it. If you unlock your iPhone via jailbreak or related, once you restore or update the iOS you lose the unlock, it is not permanent. If you want to proceed legally you must use our service, with the factory unlock service you get permanent unlock under a legal term. Most of these unlocks done via jailbreak work only with some carriers, for example if you have an iPhone 4S locked to Verizon (USA) and with the help of jailbreak you can get it working with AT&T (USA) but only with AT&T, if you insert a SIM Card of Movistar

unlock service

We just need your iPhone’s IMEI or ESN + device info (E.g. iPhone 5S White 64GB) to unlock it.

(Chile) it won’t work, so it doesn’t work with every single carrier in the world. With factory unlock you can use any SIM Card from any carrier in any country in the world.

Supported iPhone Models

Our service provides unlock for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. Depending on the carrier, some models can’t be unlocked. When ordering our service don’t forget to select the right iPhone model and carrier, if you select a wrong iPhone model or carrier a refund won’t be issued.

This is a Service, this is not a Product

Some people after ordering our services ask about an item, we make it clear: THIS IS NOT A TANGIBLE PRODUCT, YOU WON’T RECEIVE AN ITEM TO YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS. This service is totally done online, you place an order with us and we proceed to deliver it by email. We have installed a sophisticated system to manage orders, this includes full protection under a SSL EV Premium certificate, with us you’ll be 100% safe when ordering our services. If you have any question about security, how we charge your credit card and what type of information we store in our files please contact us, if your question is: do you save my credit card information? The answer is: No, that’s not allowed by merchant entities or banks, we use Stripe, Inc. to process credit card payment. You should check their website to understand more about this.

No Damage to your iPhone with our Service

premium iphone unlock service

If we unlock your iPhone successfully you’ll get a confirmation email. Connect your iPhone to iTunes to see the coolest message in times.

Our unlock service is proved to work great with any iPhone, as this is legal and it’s done with the carrier that’s locking your iPhone there is no way to damage your device, with jailbreak you’re not safe but with factory unlock you are.

Our premium service is ready to unlock your iPhone without affecting its value or hardware integrity. When you order factory unlock services your iPhone gets unlocked by the carrier, you don’t risk its integrity at all because there is no software or tool envolved like when applying jailbreak and unlocking it with jailbreak, many people think that unlock services are useless and expensive however it is legal, and it will give your device a permanent unlock.